Consultation FeesHKD 750-850
Extra body part per treatmentEach body part + HKD 400-500
Shockwave TherapyEach body part + HKD 300
Laser TherapyEach body part + HKD 200
In-Home Physio Service (45 mins per session)Neighborhood close to our clinic –  HKD 1600 up
Other area – To be discussed
Custom-made orthotic insole
Sole Support Custom Orthotics - HealthQuest Physical Therapy
HKD 2280
Ordering 2nd pair of onsoleHKD 1200
Foot AssessmentHKD 200
Fee will be waved if order custom-made orthotic insole on same day.
Onsite Physio Service (Sports/Event)To be discussed
Health TalkTo be discussed – depending on topics, numbers of attendees, and hours
Occupational safety and health training
Physical fitness assessment
To be discussed

Healthcare Card

There is an extra cost to the following treatment items. If your insurance plan doesn’t cover it our clinics will only accept Cash as payment.

Acupuncture / Dry needlingHKD 250
ShockWave Therapy
Piezowave2 Therapy | Chiropractor in Rockville, MD | Rockville Chiropractic  & Sports Care
Each body part HKD 300
Laser Therapy
光刺激激光仪- BTL-6000 - BTL International - Nd:YAG / 台面式
Each body part HKD 200

We offer a discount to the following members

HK Senior Citizen Card 10% off

We accept payment in the followings

Cash/ Credit Card (Visa / Master / UnionPay)/ Health Care Voucher

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