Work Injury Insurance

AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited

AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited (美亞保險香港有限公司)

Broker Southwest Risk: Dispute with Allied World Settled

Allied World Assurance Company Limited (世聯保險有限公司)

Crawford (Hong Kong) Limited (嘉福香港有限公司)

Cunningham Lindsey Names Two Leaders to Catastrophe Team | Business Wire

Cunningham Lindsey (Hong Kong) Limited (根寧瀚(香港)有限公司)

Humphrey & Partners Medical Services Limited (綜合醫務集團有限公司)

Marsh (Hong Kong) Limited (達信風險管理及保險服務(香港)有限公司)

McLarens Hong Kong Limited (麥理倫香港有限公司)

Zurich Insurance Company Limited (蘇黎世保險有限公司)

Healthcare Card醫療咭

Please give us a call or send us a Whatsapp message to check if your health care card is eligible to use at our clinic.

Aetna Insurance

AIA International limited (友邦保險 (國際) 有限公司)

AXA (安盛保險)

Blue Care Medical Services Limited (寶康醫療)

CHC-Group Medical Practice (聯保醫療)

Humphrey & Partners Medical Services Limited (綜合醫務集團有限公司)

Medinet Services Limited (醫匯服務有限公司)


Raffles Medical Hong Kong (萊佛士醫療)

Dr. Vio & partners (韋予力醫生醫務所)